Yoga as fertility booster


Recent studies have shown that yoga does more than just improve your flexibility and help you to find inner calm- it could also work wonders on your fertility too.

All it takes is forty-five minutes of yoga per week* and you could overcome all of the heartache and pain you’ve been through and look forward to holding your bundle of joy in your arms in the very near future. At least that’s what the research claims.
yoga and pregnancy

But is there any truth in these claims or is it just some attempt to get more bottoms on yoga mats? How exactly does yoga work its magic upon your fertility and could it really help you get pregnant? Let’s take a look.

Yoga Helps Beat Stress

Yoga is so effective in the fight against infertility thanks to its powerful ability to lower 3

You might remember that stress makes it much harder for you to conceive. This is because it hinders your body’s production of pregnancy-friendly hormones like progesterone, often postpones ovulation and ups those fight-or-flight hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, leaving you feeling exhausted and burnt out. So clearly you need to address this stress if you ever want to become pregnant.

When you practice yoga, you give yourself that essential time to disconnectand break away from the madness of the outside world. You can acknowledge all of your feelings about your fertility issues without burying them deep inside or fighting them.

Your cortisol levels will also effortlessly decrease, rebalancing your hormones and restoring a sense of peace and calm. Plus, you’ll also sleep better, cope better with any treatment you undergo and feel healthier and more positive about what lies ahead.

Yoga Boosts Blood Flow To Your Pelvis


But the benefits don’t stop there. Yoga also boosts the blood flow to your reproductive organs, bringing additional hemoglobin, oxygen and nutrients to your uterus, ovaries and entire pelvis allowing them to heal and reach optimal functioning. And naturally, a nourished pelvis makes the perfect place for growing a brand new human being!

Yoga Improves Energy Flow To Your Pelvis

According to fertility yoga practitioners, yoga will also help relax all of the muscles throughout your pelvis, freeing trapped negative energy, and allowing it to circulate naturally throughout the body. This helps attracts vital life-forces, rebalances your hormones, improves sensation in your pelvis and improves your chances of conception.

Yoga Is The Perfect Adjunct To IVF

And finally,  study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility in 2003 and another carried out at Fertility Centres of Illinois and St Joseph Hospital in Chicago in 2015 discovered that yoga can be a valuable addition to fertility treatments such as IVF. This is because of its ability to directly affect body chemistry, increase self-awareness and promote relaxation. If you are undergoing IVF, I’d highly suggest you find out for yourself.

Yoga could help you regain your fertility without needing to rest to expensive drugs or treatments thanks to its stress-busting powers, its ability to lower your cortisol and the effect way it rebalances your hormones the natural way. If you care about conceiving, I’d highly recommend that you give yoga a try.Because, what do you really have to lose?

*According to research at Fertility Centers of Illinois and St Joseph Hospital in Chicago in 2015

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