When does one ovulate on a 28 day cycle?

when do one ovulate on a 28 day cycle

What is ovulation?

In the ovaries, every month fifteen to twenty eggs matures and the most mature or the ripest egg swept into the Fallopian tube and the blood present in the egg swept out of the vagina, called menses. The days of the menstrual cycle till ovulation are called as fertile window that means the chances of getting pregnant raises when you are ovulating. In average women the chances of getting pregnant decreases when the fertile window of that month finishes and one has to wait for the next month.

When one ovulate on a 28 day cycle?

when do one ovulate on a 28 day cycleThe process of egg maturation is called ovulation and ovulation reaches at its peak in 12 to 14 days before the menstrual cycle completes and period starts. The average ovulation time is day 12 to 14. Although various irregularities occur in menstrual cycle and the ovulation time may increase and decrease. For example, it may occur one week before the average and one week after the average time of ovulation. Ovulation is actually the release of mature, but infertile egg from the ovaries. If sex takes place during the menstrual cycle and both the sperm and egg meet in the Fallopian tube, the fertilization of the mature egg takes place and we call it as pregnancy.

How one can realize that ovulation is close?

Changes in the cervical mucus also reflect the occurrence and closeness to ovulation. Cervical mucus is a white colored discharge from the vagina that occurs when periods has been finished and this textured discharge shows the ovulation is going to start. Sex hormone estrogen reflects the occurrence of ovulation and soon after periods have finished the estrogen production level is highest and it also shows the start of ovulation. The texture and appearance also shows the closeness of the ovulation. Cervical mucus after the end of periods is slippery and clear. It resembles to the raw egg white and is very helpful in carrying the sperm to the egg. It has been observed that this mucus secretion nourishes the sperm and help it in meeting the egg and making the egg fertile. The secretion of the mucus is a helpful step towards the initiation of ovulation and it signal the one that ovulation is close. When ovulation is close the egg is ready to fertile and a sex period make the pregnant.

when do one ovulate on a 28 day cycleWhen we talk about how we can measure that one is ovulation. We must keep in mind that ovulation is a stage in the menstrual cycle when the fertilization is at its peak. A sex period during these days can start pregnancy in average ladies. So we can say that if soon after period’s end, if someone is feeling sexier and is secreting slippery cervical mucus, it means ovulation is going to take place. In 12 to 14 days of the menstrual cycle ovulation occurs and there are various signs that one can see and can realize that she is near to ovulate. Few these of these signs are

  • Being more sociable, sexy and attractive
  • A pleasant body odour that attract your partner and even he can also realize that you are near to ovulate by smelling your body odour
  • More cervical mucus secretion


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I was on enjections for 3 years bt I have stopped using the same enjections for 4months and I want to conceive bt I can’t for how long should I wait?

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