First Response Ovulation Test Directions

Ovulation Test

The First Response Ovulation Test Kit comes as a digital test and a non-digital test.  The digital test is more expensive than the non-digital test kit but it is usually easier to read.  This type of ovulation test kit is designed to detect the LH surge, which is the surge of luteinizing hormone released by […]

Miscarriage Risk by Week

Miscarriage Risk

When you lose a pregnancy before 20 week’s gestation, this is called a “miscarriage”.  Most of the time, there is no explanation for the pregnancy loss, although some women have health conditions that cause them to have repetitive miscarriages.  In general, only about 10-20 percent of women will have a miscarriage although risk of miscarriage […]

Can anemia cause infertility?

Can anemia cause infertility

While everyone knows it is important to get in enough iron during pregnancy, few people recognize that low iron levels can affect your ability to get pregnant. Research has shown that women who don’t get enough iron can develop anovulation, which is the lack of ovulating during the menstrual cycle. Low iron levels may also […]

Trying to Conceive Twins

Trying to Conceive Twins

Some couples enjoy the idea of having twins.  They may like the idea of having two babies at once or may like to have a big family with fewer pregnancies.  The incidence of twins is increasing because more couples are having assisted reproduction, which increases the chances of having twins.  Twins can involve having identical […]

How To Increase The Chances of Getting Pregnant

increase chances of getting pregnant

When you’re younger, it seems all too easy to become pregnant and thus the increase in teen pregnancies. As a woman ages, however, it becomes harder and harder to have a baby and there may be things you have to do to increase your chances of getting pregnant.  For each cycle you have before the […]

Getting Pregnant After Aging

Getting Pregnant After Aging

Being older while trying to become pregnant, especially being older than the age of 40, can put a damper on your ability to conceive a child.  Some statistics say that a woman’s fertility level drops after the age of 27 and goes downhill from there.  There are advantages and disadvantages of getting pregnant at an […]


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