Ovulation Pain on the Pill


It is not uncommon for some women to experience ovulation pain while taking the pill. This could be alarming to those new to the pill, since we know that the pill prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation. But this does not mean that your contraception has failed its purpose.

How does the pill work?

ovulation pain on the pillThe pill contains both the estrogen and progesterone hormone. By maintaining a steady level of these hormones in your both, the pill stops the matured egg(s) from leaving your ovaries. Since, there are no matured eggs available for fertilization, conception cannot take place. The progesterone also promotes secretion of thick cervical mucus to inhibit sperms from passing through. Furthermore, the uterus lining is thinned out, making it unfavorable for a conception to attach itself onto it.

What causes ovulation pain?

How_Does_Oral_Contraceptive_Pill_Work_2_Ask_The_DoctorWe do not know what exactly causes pain that accompanies ovulation. It is however believed that the pain is triggered by the release of a matured egg along with fluid or blood. This may irritate the lining of the abdominal wall causing pain. However, we know that ‘ovulation pain’ can last a few minutes to a few days in different women, but ovulation itself does not occur over a few days. Since we are unsure of the cause of ovulation pain, perhaps this pain might still be present in the absence of ovulation itself and therefore might not be a ‘true’ sign of ovulation, making the term ‘ovulation pain’ a misnomer.

Many women still experience ‘ovulation pain’ while on the pill but this should not be a cause for alarm. If you are worried, it would be helpful to seek medical attention but please abstain from stopping your pills before you do. When taken in the right manner, oral contraceptive pills are more than 99% effective.

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