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Perhaps you’ve heard about someone who have previously had a cesarean section complaining about ovulation or menses pain that they have never experience before or that is worsening. This is not an uncommon complaint. Most women are able to tolerate this symptom since it only affects them once a month.
ovulation pain c-section

How does Cesarean section cause cyclical pain?

ovulation pain on both sides - possible reasons and remediesDuring Cesarean section, the doctor makes an incision over the uterus to lift the baby out of the abdomen. During the operation, some endometrium tissue (tissue lining the inner walls of the uterus) might dislodge and end up in the pelvic region, outside the uterus. These endometrium tissue reacts to changes in your hormonal level, it contracts and bleed during menses causing pain. This condition is called incisional or iatrogenic endometriosis.

Incisional or iatrogenic Endometriosis

c-section ovulation painThe endometrium tissue that dislodges and plants itself outside the uterus can also be found in the scar tissue that forms in and around the abdominal incision, causing a lot of pain as it disturbs the relatively rigid scar tissue when it contracts during menses. Depending on the site of the implantation, your symptom may vary. During menses, the endometrium tissue sheds and leaves your body via the vagina. Within the pelvic region, these endometrium tissue cannot exit your body. They become trapped and continue growing. Therefore, your symptoms may worsen. This condition can be reliable confirmed with a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan of the pelvis. Some women can live with the cyclical pain and it rarely affects their lifestyle. However, if you are having similar symptoms as described in this article that is bothering you, please make an appointment with your gynecologist to get the help you need.


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