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While you may believe you know that some sex positions are superior than others for conceiving a pregnancy, you need to know that most of this is conjecture as the research on the right ways to have sex in order to get pregnant haven’t been undertake.

One study that has been done, used an MRI scan and looks at what happens inside the body during sex.  They study was done using an MRI scanner to see what happens when a man and woman are having sex.  The study looked at two common positions: the missionary position and doggy style (which will be described later).

While it makes common sense to believe these are two of the best ways to have sex in order to get pregnant, MRI scanning showed that the tip of the penis deeply penetrates the female vagina, allowing for the placement of sperm directly in the way of the cervix (which is where the sperm need to be in order to travel into the uterus and Fallopian tubes for fertilization.

According to the study, the tip of the penis is able to get into the deeper parts of the vagina and near the cervix in both of these common sex positions.  The missionary position places the ejaculate in the area in front of the cervix, while the doggy style position places the ejaculate into the back of the cervix.

There are several other sexual positions that you can do that will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  While these sex positions make sense, they do not have the research backing to indicate that they are any better than simply using the missionary style and the doggy style in order to become pregnant.

Good Sex Positions

Best Positions to get PregnantIf you are trying to conceive a pregnancy but have not been able to get the job done, you may wish to look into the positions you are using during sex that allow for the best ways to get pregnant. Researchers believe that some sexual positions are more successful than others, although, the research is limited.

Regardless of the position you use, you won’t be able to get pregnant unless you have frequent and regular sex around the time of ovulation.  This when the woman is most likely to get pregnant.  As sperm stay inside the uterus for up to 5 days after having sex, you can consider the 5 days prior to ovulation to also have sex if you are trying to get pregnant.

The best sex position to use in order to get pregnant are those that allow for the deepest penetration of the tip of the penis, which is where the ejaculate (or sperm) come out and, if the sexual position is better for allowing this ejaculate to get up inside the cervix, this will be a good sex position to attempt when trying to get pregnant.

Here are the details on the best positions to get pregnant:

  • Missionary position

When using this popular position, the woman lies on her back and the man places himself in a prone position on top of the woman. The pelvis isn’t tipped in this position so that the sperm have an easier time getting into the cervix to allow for fertilization of the egg. Penetration is the deepest in this sex position so you should expect to get pregnant easier using this sex position.

  • Doggy style position

This is a good position to get pregnant as well. Men enjoy this position and it allows for deep penetration into the vagina.  It also opens the cervix a little bit better than other sex positions, which also helps the conception process along.  In this position, the woman gets on he hands and knees and faces away from the male partner.  It can be modified so that the woman is lying prone on the bed with a pillow underneath her belly to bring the vagina higher up, which makes penetration easier.  The advantage of using this position (besides that it helps you get pregnant easier) is that the penis is better able to touch the G spot in the woman’s vagina.  Another advantage is that there is a better opportunity for clitoral stimulation and, when the woman has an orgasm from this, the contractions she has as part of the sexual process will also help the sperm get up inside the cervix.  The biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow for that sensual eye to eye contact one looks for in lovemaking.  In addition, the degree and angulation of the penis in this sex position can be painful for some women.

  • The Glowing Triangle Position

This is a sexual position that is similar to the missionary position.  The woman lies supine (face up) on the bed and the man is on top.  The difference between the glowing triangle position and the missionary position is that the man is on his hands and knees in the beginning and has his legs extended.  The female pelvis is raised with a pillow and the woman wraps her legs around the torso of the man.  This is a good position for conception because it allows for better penetration and tilts the pelvis in an upward fashion, conducive for the passage of sperm into the cervix.  The biggest advantage of this position is that it allows the man and woman to become aroused, which makes sex more gratifying.

  • The Rock and Roller position

This is also known as the “anvil position”. This is also similar to the missionary position and allows for the deepest penetration into the vagina and helps by hitting the G spot so the woman is better aroused.  When the woman is aroused to the point of orgasm, which helps to bring the sperm in better contact with the egg in conception.  You simply have to lie on your back with the woman’s legs raised so that they are above your head.  The man can penetrate more deeply as your pelvis is tipped and gravity can bring the sperm into contact with the egg.

  • The Magic Mountain Position

This is similar to the doggy style, which has the man bending over the woman’s back so that the woman’s back comes into contact with the man’s chest.  You can stabilize the woman’s upper body by potting some pillows underneath her head.  If the woman bends at the waste and uses fewer pillows, the tilt of the pelvis can be greater so that the sperm have a better chance of entering the cervix.  The advantages of this position, besides deeper penetration of the male penis, are that the penis hits the G spot during sex and the clitoris can be stimulated more easily, allowing for an increased chance of female orgasm.

  • The Spooning Position

This is another good sexual position for getting pregnant.  The woman lies on her side with the man “spooning” behind her.  The penis enters the vagina from behind.  As both man and woman are level, they have the added advantage that gravity is on their side and the sperm can more easily enter the cervix.

  • The Plough Position

In this technique, the woman stands on her hands with her legs in the air. The man gets between the legs and holds the legs up, similar to doing the “wheelbarrow maneuver”. It allows for gravity to help get the sperm into the cervix during sex.

  • The Butterfly Position

In this position, the woman lies with her back on the table.  The man then simply steps between the feet, raises the pelvis so that the pelvis can be optimally tilted, and enters the vagina.  This position helps aid in penile penetration, which increases the chance that the man’s sperm will stay in the vagina, where they eventually travel up the cervix to achieve a pregnancy.


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